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Talking Games

60 minute talks, online or frontal, delivered by keynote speaker Dori Adar

Player Psychology: Game Mechanics to Alter Human Behavior.

For good and bad, games can build new habits and change neural patterns in players' minds. In this talk Dori Adar shows vivid examples of persuasive game design and gamification techniques used to alter behaviors.

# Dark Patterns # Behavioral Design 

What Can We Learn from Games About Product Design?

Games are the most engaging form of interaction in modern times. In this entertaining and full of examples talk, Dori demonstrates what can we learn from games on immersion, engagement, user education and other traits that are vital to the success of any product.

# Product design # Useful # Inspiring 

Design for Emotion

How does it make you feel?

In this talk, Dori Adar will show how different game mechanics tap into specific feelings and sentiments. You will learn what makes your players feel lucky, strong, afraid, hooked, challenged, energized... Use these techniques in your next game or gamified marketing campaign. Start designing for emotions!

# Emotional Design #Player Experience

Hands-on Gaming Workshops. Online or frontal.

Building Games

The Game Design Workshop

In this workshop your team will get to build a game from the ground up. It's a chance for them to actually build a product from A-Z, while learning a great deal about games and game design, emphasizing team work and creativity. 

The Gamification Workshop

Can business goal can be met with gaming techniques? Of course they can! Learn how to utilize game mechanics to engage your users or employees while using my battle-proof gamification method.

Feature Design Workshop

In this short workshop/hackathon, you and your team will actively learn the rapid process of feature development. You will start with a brief, go through guided brainstorming and finish with a demo presentation. 

Online Courses

Book one of the courses to your team, or have them participate in an open format with global students. Courses are online.

Game Development in Unity

Get your team of designers, marketing and even developers up to speed with the word's most popular game engine - Unity. 

Digital Game Design

Learn game design fundamentals, write your own game mechanics, learn how to analyze games and to write proper storyboards and GDDs. 

This course's training is done in the Construct 3 game engine.

Board Game Design

Learn how to design games from the ground up - no technology needed! Making board games is the best way to understand games' structures and mechanisms, paper prototyping and key game design fundamentals.

Our Clients

We train teams around the world working for coolest companies

3D art in Blender

Gift your team with 3D modeling superpowers, with the leading, open-source 3D creation suit.

Gamification Workshop

Learn how to use game mechanics in non-game contexts to increase engagement and player loyalty.

Game Psychology

Learn about motivation theories, goal settings and the behavioral design patterns behind the most successful game today.

קצת עלינו

בית הספר לעיצוב משחקים הוקם בשנת 2016 ע"י דורי אדר, בעבר מנהל הקריאייטיב של חברת המשחקים TabTale ובהווה מפיק משחקים עצמאי, מרצה ומורה.

אנחנו מלמדים פיתוח ועיצוב משחקים דיגטליים במנועי משחק יוניטי (Unity) וקונסטרקט, חוויית משתמש משחקית ועיצוב ופיתוח משחקי לוח.

העקרונות שלנו: כיתות קטנות, תמיכה לכל אורך הדרך והרבה עניין וכיף תוך כדי למידה.

עשרות מהבוגרים שלנו כבר השתלבו בתעשייה בחברות כמו ILYON, PLAYTIKA, BEACHBUM ורבות אחרות.

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