Let's think about your product as if it was a game

What is Game Design Thinking?

GDT is the ability to see every system or process as if it was a game.

This “player-centric” approach enables people to come up with ultra creative ideas to real world problems.


how games tick. Understand their atoms, what they are made of. Build a game of your own. Master it. Gain a game designer perspective.


with your product. Break it down to its components, mechanics and goals, then reassemble. Create something new. 


Wireframes. Workflows. User journey. Feedback loop. Implement the outputs of this workshop in your product. Time to engage your users. 

Among Our (awesome) Clients



Define a Challenge

Game Design Thinking really shines when it comes to education, gamification and behavioral design. Prior to the workshop we will define the challenge together. (See a list of challenges covered in the workshop below)


Design a Tailored-made Workshop

That's actually our part. We will craft a the day based on the defined challenges


Invite Attendees

4 people is the minimum required. It can go up to 200. (Yes, we've done it before.)


Let's Play!

And solve challenges in the most engaging, creative, decisive and fun way possible. 

Mike Mancuso, Head of design | Knewton 

The workshop was great! I hear from everyone involved that it was insightful and thought provoking.

Ingrid Haug, UX designer | Design Matters

Dori’s workshop was amazing! For 1.5 hours he made 200 people design their own game, play them and everyone had a blast! The participants gave the workshop a 4.4 score out of 5.

Nimrod Dado, Senior Product Lead |

One of the best workshops I've ever participated in. I actually started developing my own card game after the workshop!

Challenges From Previous Workshops


How to on-board new employees to the company

Create a game that will teach users about the product

Create a game for recruitment

Design gamification features to shape user behavior

Fix the product's onboarding

Design a feedback loop for a new feature

Create a game for the company's visiting center

Solve a customer's brief (advergaming)

Dori's workshop was spot on. It was relevant to many challenges we face at Playtika: Game design, moving players to action and crafting playful experiences. Highly recommended!

Hovav Shoshan, Product Director, Playtika


Dori Adar is a game designer, keynote speaker, and teacher.


Dori has been working in the gaming industry since 2012 and his games have been downloaded and enjoyed by millions around the world.


In 2016 he founded Hands on Games, a gaming school based in Tel Aviv, and often speaks about games and product design on international stages such as TEDx Vienna, Casual Connect, Peahca Kucha and more.


To the workshop Dori brings 20 years of experience as a passionate public speaker, rulers, game tokens and a handful of dice.


Check out Dori's talks.

The Challenge Awaits!

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