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The business of making games

Learn game design fundamentals while building games

What makes some games irresistible to put down while others are deleted within minutes?


How can we test our game ideas without spending a fortune on development?


In the game design workshop, you will find out.  


Your game

Go through the process of designing a game, from the ideation phase, to designing core game loop and key mechanics. At the end of the day you will have a physical, playable version of the game you are working on.

Workshop Outcomes

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Acquire new vocabulary

and tools

I will provide you with thinking tools and framework for game creation. We will cover the four atoms of games, core game loop, progressions loop and paper prototyping.


Work creatively together

The workshop promotes creative, hands-on approach to problem solving, creating synergy between designers, stakeholders and engineers.


Recent workshops

About the workshop

Join game designer and educator Dori Adar for a one-day game design workshop to learn, play and work on a game related to your business. You will walk away with a deep understanding of games, how they work, how to design core game loops and how to use paper prototyping as a design tool.


These fundamentals will set your team up with game terminology and thinking tools to create awesome play experiences.
Interested in learning more about Dori's approach to gamification and game design? Read his blog.

The Workshop Schedule

A full-day workshop schedule goes a little something like this:

09:00-09:30 Gathering, light breakfast

09:30-10:30 First exercise: The 4 atoms of games

10:30-12:00 Second exercise: Theme & player types

12:00-13:00 Lunch break

13:00-15:00 Designing a core game loop

15:00-15:15 Cake (no lies)

15:15-17:00 Building a paper prototype

17:00-17:30 Summing up, group selfie

Nir Badt, Energy Strategist | Fsight

The workshop brought our team's creativity to whole new level. Under Dori's guidance we were able to turn complex ideas into gameful features.

Yoni Barginski, Product Design Team Lead | Payoneer

A great, refreshing experience that allowed a different perspective on the product design process.

Nimrod Dado, Senior Product Lead |

One of the best workshops I've ever participated in.We have received new design tools and saw our UX challenges in a new light.

When is the best time for a workshop?

The workshop can boost a new project launch, it can go as a guided hackathon and can help igniting new features for an existing product. 

If game education is your main purpose for having the workshop, well, the best time is now.

Case Studies


DGN is a social & mobile game developer, currently operating 2 product lines. 

The workshop goal was to come up with new game ideas for future company games, focusing on one idea that the company has already started defining.

The workshop outcomes were six different paper prototypes, each tackle the main game ideas from a different perspective.


Fsight is a company that builds the future of energy with their smart enegry AI system.

The workshop goal was to come up with a physical game for the company's visitor center, one that would demonstrate Fsight's solution in play, instead of in words.

At the end of the day, three teams showed their game prototypes. The final game isd a mixture of all three ideas, and is now in development.

Dori's workshop was spot on. It was relevant to many challenges we face at Playtika: Game design, moving players to action and crafting playful experiences. Highly recommended!

Hovav Shoshan, Product Director, Playtika


Dori Adar is a game designer, keynote speaker, and the founder of Hands on Games, a gaming school based in Tel-Aviv.


Dori is a veteran of the gaming industry and his games have been downloaded and enjoyed by millions around the world.


Dori often speaks about games and product design on international stages such as TEDx Vienna, Casual Connect, Peahca Kucha and more.


To the workshop Dori brings 20 years of experience as a passionate public speaker, rulers, game tokens and a handful of dice.


Check out Dori's talks.

The Challenge Awaits!

Visozky 20, Tel Aviv, Israel |  Tel: 0547797935

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